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You don't want to buy whiskey from any random liquor store. You want to find a specialized whiskey store with experts who will help you find the perfect drink. At May's Liquor, Beer & Wine, whiskey is one of our favorites. Our team can help you pick the right drink for your tastes and will custom order a bottle of anything we don't carry.

When you're shopping for dark liquor, turn to our friendly staff in Malakoff or Winona, TX. Call us today if you have any questions about our stock.

Carrying the drink you're craving

Carrying the drink you're craving

Whether you're craving a blended scotch on the rocks or a neat whiskey, we have the drink you're looking for. We carry a large selection of rum, scotch, brandy, whiskey, Irish whiskey, cognac, and bourbon.

When you want to buy whiskey, choose a whiskey store with lots to choose from. Drop by one of our locations today.